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World Cup 2018: Day 15

Day 14 Review: Germany go down & Brazil march on Germany are out of the World Cup! For the fourth time in five World Cup’s the holders have gone out in the group phase. Where did it all go wrong for Germany? Germany as their manager was quick to point didn’t deserve to qualify and

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50 Greatest World Cup Cult Moments (Part 3)

Continuing our countdown of the weird and wonderful of the World Cup… 50 Greatest World Cup Cult moments (Part 1) 50 Greatest World Cup Cult Moments (Part 2) 30.┬áSour Grapes (2002) It’s strange how different nations respond to World Cup elimination, in England the intellectually challenged trash their local high street, in France Parisians scream

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World Cup Draw Review: Groups E & F

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Just like every little boy who grows up loving cars loves Ferrari, every kid who loves football loves Brazil. But it’s a love that’s grown cold in recent years as a series of prosaic Brazilian sides have served up one dull World Cup campaign after another, when Brazil

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World Cup Draw Countdown: The Groups of Death. Japorea 2002: Ibra makes his bow, Pochettino pays the penalty and Beckham’s Revenge

Part 4 of my 5 part look back at tough groups from World Cup’s gone by, today we journey to the Far East for England’s grudge match with Argentina. Japan/ South Korea 2002: Argentina, England, Sweden, Nigeria How did it go down? Argentina entered the 2002 World Cup as joint favourites (with holders France). They

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