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England’s 2nd Game Record: Good Times, Bad Times…

England got off to a rare winning start at this World Cup but what has history taught us about their second game of past groups? Well there’s a lot more rough than smooth… Good Times England 0-0 Holland (1990) The pivotal game of England’s Italian odyssey came against European Champions Holland. After the dire opener

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World Cup Draw Review: Groups E & F

Group E: Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia Just like every little boy who grows up loving cars loves Ferrari, every kid who loves football loves Brazil. But it’s a love that’s grown cold in recent years as a series of prosaic Brazilian sides have served up one dull World Cup campaign after another, when Brazil

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World Cup Draw Countdown: The Groups of Death. Mexico 86- Fergie falls foul of Uruguay and the Dynamic Danes

The group phase of the 2018 World Cup is only days away as part of the countdown let’s look into a great World Cup Cliche ‘The Group of Death.’  So here’s a look back some of the toughest World Cup groups ever assembled. Mexico 1986- Group E: West Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Uruguay How did it go

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World Cup Qualifying Part 2: All Around The World

Away from Europe qualifying is reaching its climax across the globe, so in brief who’s on their way to Russia? Whose made it? Brazil, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia & Iran South America update: With Brazil home and hosed Uruguay are the only other team who can guarantee a place this round with an

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World Cup Memories- Mexico ’86

For me the summer of 1986 was about 2 things; finishing Primary School and watching my first World Cup. In the pre Premier League era live football on TV was pretty much limited to the FA Cup final so for football mad kids the World Cup was heaven sent.  My last days of primary school

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A year ago…

Whilst I’m blogging about hope for England’s future we should remember how that concept was lost in the first place. For me and I suspect many other fans optimism around England disintegrated in South Africa in 2010. Going into that tournament genuine belief in the manager and players unravelled in a way not seen since

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