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1958- How tragedy in Munich shaped England’s Swedish World Cup.

Last Tuesday marked the 60th anniversary of the Munich Air Disaster. A Commemorative service was held at Old Trafford whilst many made the pilgrimage to where the fateful spot  near Munich Reim Airport where one of club footballs greatest sides met their end. 23 people including 8 footballers lost their lives on that fateful day.

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World Cup Draw Countdown: The Groups of Death. Italia ’90 England vs Ireland vs Holland Round 2

Part 2 of my look back at those fabled groups of death, this time in 1990. Italy 1990- Group F: England, Holland, Ireland, Egypt How did it go down? In the run up to the Italia ’90 draw the Spanish FA cried foul when England were awarded the 6th and final top seeding and Spain

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Life after England

As Roy Hodgson prepares to re-enter the dugout with Crystal Palace how did his England predecessors get on when they left Wembley? Bobby Robson Unlike his successors Robson had already agreed to leave the England job before his last tournament at Italia 90. Leaving England on a high Robson headed to PSV Eindhoven where he

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Managing a fading star

As Gareth Southgate moves on from Wayne Rooney I’ve delved into the archives to look back at how other managers handled fading stars either easing them towards the door or trying to keep them in the room. Bobby Robson & Kevin Keegan When- 1982. Incoming England manager Bobby Robson felt it was time to put

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World Cup Memories- Mexico ’86

For me the summer of 1986 was about 2 things; finishing Primary School and watching my first World Cup. In the pre Premier League era live football on TV was pretty much limited to the FA Cup final so for football mad kids the World Cup was heaven sent.  My last days of primary school

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