England’s winners 2016-17

Winners; Harry Kane– From Euro 2016 disaster to first name on the team sheet, a third 20 goal premiership season in succession confirmed Kane as England’s best forward since peak era Alan Shearer. Southgate had to wait until June to pick him for the first time and he was rewarded with 3 goals in 2

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A year ago…

Whilst I’m blogging about hope for England’s future we should remember how that concept was lost in the first place. For me and I suspect many other fans optimism around England disintegrated in South Africa in 2010. Going into that tournament genuine belief in the manager and players unravelled in a way not seen since

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England and English Football, From Despair to (something approaching) hope

One year on from the the debacle against Iceland and one year away from Russia 2018 I’ve decided to blog about the England football team. I’m not an ex-player or a journalist just a fan who’s followed England and English football for a lifetime. I’ll keep the tone up beat (when I can), there’s been

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