The four stages of an international football cycle

Whereas club sides are constantly evolving through the transfer market international teams usually run in a cycle, typically a cycle lasts 6-8 years and there are 4 phases before teams perish and fall in the way we saw Argentina collapse this year if they don’t keep rotating between these phases. Strangely the this years 4 […]

Top 5 Disastrous World Cup Campaigns (5)

All teams go to World Cup’s with hope in their hearts, many return disappointed  but some campaigns start with such belief and unravel so shockingly they become truly painful- we’ve already seen England stinking out South Africa, Spain & France hanging on too long to their world beaters and Argentina talking their way out of […]

50 Greatest World Cup Cult Moments (Part 3)

Continuing our countdown of the weird and wonderful of the World Cup… 50 Greatest World Cup Cult moments (Part 1) 50 Greatest World Cup Cult Moments (Part 2) 30. Sour Grapes (2002) It’s strange how different nations respond to World Cup elimination, in England the intellectually challenged trash their local high street, in France Parisians scream […]