Spark out in Stoke: Hughes has finally gone

Such is The Premier League merry-go-round that no sooner had a pair of ‘solid football men’ (media speak for uninspiring and limited) reappeared at Everton and West Brom another departed in Stoke. Mark Hughes’ sacking at the Britannia Stadium ultimately felt like a mercy killing. It was understandable after Tony Pulis’ hoof-ball had secured Stoke’s […]

The blocked pathway- How the Premier League is failing young players, England and its own Champions League ambitions

This week in the Premier League only 65 English players started games that’s 29.5% last week it was 64. It’s a shocking yet predictable statistic. It gets worse- those numbers include retired England players Milner & Rooney and veterans Jagielka, Barry & Ashley Young. Since it’s formation 25 years ago when the elite clubs gained […]

De Boer sacking an act of Premier League madness- but it might just work.

4 Games & 77 Days! That’s how long Frank De Boer lasted at Crystal Palace. De Boer was brought in to oversee the transition of Palace from a kick and rush side to Ajax style total football. How Steve Parish thought this would be achieved in 77 days is a mystery. Parish declared he consulted […]