England and English Football, From Despair to (something approaching) hope

One year on from the the debacle against Iceland and one year away from Russia 2018 I’ve decided to blog about the England football team.

I’m not an ex-player or a journalist just a fan who’s followed England and English football for a lifetime. I’ll keep the tone up beat (when I can), there’s been enough doom and gloom around England for so long I suspect there are adult English football fans who don’t remember there was a time we were optimistic about England. True we haven’t won a senior tournament in my lifetime, but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been good times alongside the bad.

I’ll post more as we get close to big games and the biggest jamboree of them all next summer in Russia and share some memories along the way as well as looking at the future who might go to Moscow and who deserves a one way ticket to the Gulag.




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